The world today is littered with lofty dreams, mediocrities, under-performances and failures, literally in every aspect of human endeavours. A lot of people who ordinarily would have been running their own businesses, and enjoying the many benefits of being their own bosses are today still wallowing in abject poverty and trapped in the 7 to 7 (sometimes 7 to 9) rat race, while working for others. This is not because they do not have the needed capital and knowledge of the business but simply due to the much dreaded -FEAR OF FAILURE.

The fear of failure has today become the greatest enemy of mankind in their bid to make any meaningful achievement or progress. This arch enemy otherwise known as atychiphobia, is observed as an abnormal , unwarranted and persistent fear , in business as well as other human endeavour. It is evident and more pronounced when allowed, stopping a person from doing the things that can move him forward or achieve his set goals.Read More »