We are an integrated business management and support services provider. Specifically, we offer innovative expertise and consultancy services in the following areas:

  1. BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES – Business Registration, planning, location, organization and management
  2. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES – writing of business and market plan, customer/market research, logistics, data mgt services inventory mgt and supplies services.
  3. RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING OF STAFF – sales attendants, purchasers, accountants and managers. We employ, train and supply on demand to any Retail establishment.
  4. IMPORT & EXPORT CONSULTANCY SERVICES – we work in conjunction with our partners to provide advisory services to importers and exporters. We are also agent to many established foreign manufacturers of retail consumer goods.
  5. TRAINING AND MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS – employee training, one on one mentorship on retailing, weekend training seminars on Retailing
  6. MARKETING AND PROMOTION SERVICES –Advertising, personal selling, branded materials, invoices, Business cards, flyers, etc., flyer distribution, door to door marketing, out door marketing.
  7. AGENCY SERVICES – Business Registration, NAFDAC Registration, SON REGISTRATION, AND other business permits
  8. OTHER SERVICES: We also act as liaison between retail businesses and suppliers. We link retail businesses to both local and international suppliers. We are also direct distributors to many manufactures and importers of consumer products in Nigeria. We are involved in all kind of product supplies (in partnership with lot of primary sources).




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